Freshmen learn of Ninth Grade Project (15 photos)


Megan Kearney

Ninth graders spent Monday learning about the requirements for the 9th Grade Project. Credit: Megan Kearney/The Foothill Dragon Press.
Ninth graders spent Monday learning about the requirements for the 9th Grade Project. Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press.

Freshmen filed in to Spirito Hall this morning for the much-anticipated introduction of Foothill’s annual Ninth Grade Project. The traditional slogan for the project is “Think Global and Act Local” and the goal is for students to evaluate the human impact on the biosphere.

Students are given points in their Geography, Biology, EDA, and English classes for different portions of the project. “We will be walking you through this,” health and geography teacher Heather Ferris said at the launch. Students will present their projects in front of a board of assessors and teachers on Dec. 12.  

Students began the morning by watching Air: The Search for One Clean Breath. They were also given “commit to graduate” bracelets, part of biology teacher Ryan Duston’s program.   

“A college student still wears their bracelet to inspire him to graduate college where it is harder than high school,” Duston said.

The students listened as educator for Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) Rochelle Younan talked about how they can contribute to the climate change.

“Climate change is affecting us all over the world,” Younan said.

Younan had all of the students come up with a “do one thing” (DOT) idea to help prevent climate change. The students were able to text in their DOT for the chance to win an iPad.

In the next few weeks, students will be assigned a biome with an environmental issue, and an animal within the biome that is affected by that issue.

“I really like the ocean and I think it’s important to protect animals in the ocean,” freshman Nina Hayek said.Students could also research the tundra, taiga, temperate forest, grasslands, rainforest, fresh water, and the desert biomes.

As the day came to a close, El Camino High School sophomore and founder of Kids vs. Global WarmingAlec Loorz gave last words of encouragement and motivation through his presentation.

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