Renaissance Week celebrates academics at Foothill Technology High School


Olivia Mowad

Assistant principal Frank Davis dressed as an Alice in Wonderland character, sits under a water balloon laughing with students trying to hit the target.

Ailanie Martinez, Reporter

Renaissance Week at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) commenced on March 14 and ran throughout the week. Organized by the Associated Student Body (ASB), Renaissance Week consisted of a Spirit Week with a few Holiday prompts, before ending in an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed Renaissance Rally. 

The week began on Monday March 14 with “Wear an Apron Day” in honor of Pi day, with students and teachers alike brandishing different designs. 

Pi day was also celebrated with a pie baking contest judged by Foothill Tech’s faculty. Students nervously stood by the table while their pies were being judged, awaiting the decision, but the contest was won by Addison Buck ‘24. 

Tuesday was “Mad Hatter Day” and wacky hats graced the heads of Foothill Tech. “Crazy Sock Day” followed on Wednesday. Quirky patterns poked out from beneath pants, or were proudly worn in complete view. 

Saint Patrick’s Day was on Thursday, so the theme of the day was green clothing. The halls were painted green and some students went all out with their Irish pride, dressing in intricate Saint Patrick’s Day outfits. 

On the final day of the school week, the Renaissance Rally took place during lunch. Music played and bubbles rose through the air as students rushed to the activities and food.

Food was provided to students, Chick-fil-A nuggets were given out, along with Dominos’ pizza. The Jamba Juice quickly ran out, to the dismay of thirsty attendees. 

There were sack races, horseshoes, face painting and even croquet all dubbed with an Alice In Wonderland themed name. 

Two jolly jumpers were set out and friends rushed to go through obstacles before their opponents could. As they raced to the end, others would cheer them on, hoping the shoeless students would take the win.

Near that, teachers sat under a dunk machine. Students could try to knock the water on them by throwing a baseball onto the target, but they only had three chances.

Teachers riled students up in an effort to quicken the process, often taunting them about the difficulty of their classes. The audience held their breath as each throw was pitched, groaning when it was missed.

When the balloon finally popped on the teachers’ heads, the gaggle of spectators clapped and roared with laughter.

Towards the end of lunch, recognition was awarded to students for their academic efforts. They were called up to the stage and given a water bottle with the Foothill Tech logo.

When lunch came to an end and the food had been eaten, students cheerfully walked to class, creating a throng of Renaissance shirts. 

“It’s a unique and fun way to honor students for their effort in school,” Anna English ‘24, ASB Sophomore Class President, explained about the rally, “Students can unwind and treat themselves after stressful classes.”

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