Sadie Hawkins: A dance Tangled with excitement


Olivia Mowad

Dance attendees mill around at the Sadie Hawkins dance waiting for the next song, while others crowd on the dance floor: fighting to get closer to the stage.

Claire Hadley, Reporter

Cole Dinkler

On the evening of Feb. 11, 2022, lanterns, mystical ivy and purple, gold and green decorations lined Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) as students entered the school for a Tangled themed Sadie Hawkins dance.

With music blasting through the speakers, students danced their way through a fun filled night. This year had an overwhelming turnout with roughly 400 students attending, more than any other Sadie Hawkins dance in Foothill Tech history. 

The dance began at 7 p.m.and excitement broke out in the first few minutes when “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha boomed throughout the quad. Students were brought together and able to live in the moment and be full of enthusiasm.

Lauren Kaller ’25 described her first Sadie Hawkins Dance as, “an enjoyable way to forget about the stress of school and focus on having an exciting time.”

Kaller remarked that she, “saw so many people having fun at the dance including [herself].”

When students got tired from screaming out the lyrics of songs and engaging in the cardio of dancing, thirsty people were able to hydrate at a water filling station run by the Associated Student Body (ASB). A cornhole set was also provided for entertainment. 

This year the Sadie Hawkins dance was planned by the freshman of ASB. Rhea Gill, the newly elected ASB Sophomore Class President described how they chose the dance theme  “This year all of our dances and events are Disney themed, so we decided to do tangled theme because we love the movie and color scheme,” she explained.

Students captivated in a moment of excitement, pose for the photo booth. (Olivia Mowad)

To capture the thrill of the night, a photo booth with an intense purple backdrop to match the Disney princess, Rapunzel’s, iconic dress was set up with optional props used to enhance or bring humor to the film. In addition purple lights were set up around the quad to bring light to campus and embrace the theme. 

With students from Foothill and VUSD (Ventura Unified School District), Sadie Hawkins was a successful night to remember.

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