Fall athletes’ outlook on their potential upcoming season


Kami Kada

Fields sit empty as Phase One of Fall sports begins.

Claire Hernandez and Cierra Marienthal

Phase One of the 2020 fall season is underway and eager athletes are keeping their hopes high for a season this year. Although their new normal is face masks, hand sanitizer and maintaining six feet away from their teammates, they’re still making light of the situation by putting in the time and dedication into their conditioning.

For many student-athletes, Sept. 22 was an exciting day, to finally be cleared to get back into practices. According to boys’ volleyball player Matt Kyle ‘22, obstacles are just a part of life and says that “we are aware that this season will have many roadblocks but as athletes, we are still eager to play.” Considering the fact that the athletes had a longer break than they were expecting, many were filled with more excitement than normal.

For many of the teams, it’s been hard to meet with one another due to the COVID-19 guidelines and requirements, however, some sports have been able to meet with their clubs and travel teams. Most groups have used this time as an opportunity to build chemistry through this tough time. 

For some athletes, club sports can unite and bond players, as it did for Foothill Tech water polo player Donavan Hart ‘22. He states that “our team chemistry has actually gotten [both] stronger and weaker, a lot of us have moved to club water polo so we’ve been playing together for a while now.” With this in mind, club sports has been one of the only opportunities right now for athletes to continue their sport with other players. 

“I’m just trying to go into this season with the best mindset as possible,” says water polo player Evan Bouchard ‘21.

Mindset plays an important role during Phase One conditioning. Motivation may prove some difficulty because of the uncertainty of what is happening, but Dragons across all sports are working to improve themselves and what they can bring to their team. 

Angelina Grey-Rosales ‘22, a cross country runner, says “I think it’s all about positive mental attitude and training in the mindset of there being some sort of season or race to work up to, because there is no harm in doing that and you will only improve.” With this attitude, cross country runners are anticipating an exciting season once they can compete in races again and bring another championship to Foothill Tech. 

Many of the athletes have the chance for a regular season in the 2021-2022 year, but for the 2021 graduating seniors, it’s not exactly what they were expecting for their final year at Foothill Tech. Macy Weaver ‘21 says “it honestly sucks starting senior year like this, but when we start conditioning it will hopefully get back to normal.” 

This is what all Dragons are hoping for as they start this new venture in athletics. In light of a different era of sports, this obstacle is only a small setback as the athletes’ train for success and hopefully, fans will be able to support them when the seasons return.

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