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Foothill’s first dance of the school year is all-district “Monster Mash”

Students have a wondrous time as the “Cupid Shuffle” plays. Credit: Ethan Crouch / The Foothill Dragon Press

Amidst pulsating lights and blaring music, studentsadorned in costumes ranging from fictional characters to embodiments of decades pastdanced the night away as part of the Associated Student Body (ASB)’s “Monster Mash.”

ASB President Abby Sourwine ‘19 and Vice President Josiah Beharry ‘19 organized this all-district dance with a touch of Halloween flair. Although there was another dance scheduled earlier in the school year, it was canceled due to ASB’s prediction of a low turnout.

ASB Treasurer Kristen Thow ‘20 explained that “there wasn’t enough sales—ticket sales—at the first one, and we thought that not a whole lot of people would go just because there was like homecomings and other things happening, so we thought it would be a good idea to throw a Halloween one and get it more hyped up.”

Invitations for the dance were open to any high school student in the district, which may have helped with ticket sales—according to Thow, ASB sold around 150 pre-sale tickets for this dance to students attending schools all over the district.

Thow believed that the work that went into the dance “all came together better than what we expected.” She was also proud and excited that “the DJ is actually good this year.”



Jacob Berkovitz ‘21, a student attending Ventura High School, also claimed that the “district party […] met my expectations.”

Stupids having a magnificent time as the song "Cupid Shuffle" plays. Credit: Ethan Crouch / The Foothill Dragon Press
Students from across Ventura Unified jump and dance in Spirito Hall. Credit: Ethan Crouch / The Foothill Dragon Press

Spirito Hall was packed with students from all over the district.

Tristen Arana ‘21, a Foothill student, said that having so many people from different schools was “fun because you can actually bring friends from other schools and enjoy time with other people that you know instead of just being restricted to Foothill.”

However, Heidi Fedde ‘21 said she “saw mostly Foothill kids,” but additionally, “some Ventura, some Buena.”

Berkovitz liked the fact that it was all-district as it made it possible to get “more schools to band together,” which allowed him to “meet more people.”

“I think it’s definitely more fun to open it up to other [schools] so people can come in and see how Foothill dances are,” Fedde agreed.

Buena student Cole Newton ‘19 liked the “dark” atmosphere and the music at the dance. Because he wishes he “could go to every different school,” he thinks that the idea of an all-district dance “is the best way to get everyone to come.”

Arana viewed the dance as a very social event, as he decided to attend that evening “because other people were coming and [he] thought it would be fun.”



He enjoyed the “camaraderie” of “interacting with a lot of people that I know that are here.”

Fedde also recognized that “just being able to have fun with my friends and just seeing all different people, some in costumes, some in not” made the dance a “fun” experience where she “would go again.”

“It was just a lot of fun to be able to hang out with your friends and just have fun on a Friday night,” she concluded.


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