Foothill boys’ soccer conquers Thacher in first home game 3-2


Ezekiel Colby ’18 tries to out-sprint his opponents. Credit: Olivia Sanford / The Foothill Dragon Press

Katie Denger

On Thursday, the Dragons won their first home game of the season 3-2 against Thacher High School. Kyeler Brant ‘20 scored one goal in each half and Cole Chilcutt ‘18 also scored a goal in the first half. According to goalkeeper Luke Shadden ‘21, Thacher scored both of their goals in the second half but Foothill’s ability to finish shots helped them win the match.

Coach Andreas Wedderien said that the team “felt good about [building their] spirit” and that “it was a very nice game dominated by the Dragons.”  

Brant believed that this game helped the Dragons “set the bar for the rest of the season” despite there being “a few defensive errors.”

Shadden also thought they “were a little sloppy in the back” but that “overall they [performed well].”

Brant’s goal in the first half was assisted by Jacob Giradot ‘20 and in the second half Damian Hernandez ’21 played the ball to Brant resulting in Brant’s second goal. Chilcutt’s goal was assisted by a cross from David Hill ‘18 and according Wedderien, Chilcutt’s goal “left the Thatcher goalie no chance [of] saving [the goal].”

One of the goals given up in the second half was a “bad turnover by Dragon midfielders” according to Wedderien but they still “deserved to win the game.”

Brant earned Man of the Match in the Thursday night game but he said that the award “doesn’t mean anything to him.”

The team’s weaknesses were mostly defensive according to both Shadden and Brant but Shadden also mentioned that “maybe [they] could have been a little better on passing.”

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