Winter Formal 2017 unifies students from around Ventura


Credit: Jason Messner / The Foothill Dragon Press

Marin Valerio


Rainbow lights and smiles greeted high school students from across the city as they entered the Camarillo Airport for Foothill’s annual Winter Formal. Due to the fires, the Poinsettia Pavilion was unable to be used and the location was changed to the same venue as the formal in 2015. Because of the Thomas Fire, Associated Student Body (ASB) decided to invite high school students from other schools as long as they were accompanied by a Foothill student, and lowered the admission cost to $25.

Sara Francis ‘21 saw the dance as an opportunity to get her “mind off [the fire], have fun, hang out with friends and just party.” She thinks the impact on students will be “strong.”

Wessal Esber ’18 agrees with Francis, calling the event “unifying” and highlighted “the fact that we’re inviting everyone from everywhere to come here.”

Esber compared the dance to the Skating Plus fundraiser, saying that the two events are similar in that they both involved “everyone coming together and just having fun.”

As for the running of the event, Grayson Button ’20 noted the “effort” put in by ASB, and said the dance was “a great breather” in a time filled with high stress.


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