Hannah Hart embodies kindness, grit on and off the course


Credit: Olivia Sanford / The Foothill Dragon Press

Katie Denger

According to friend and teammate Anna Pyron ‘19, last season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) Hannah Hart ’20 “is super positive and keeps [the girls’ golf team] upbeat.” Hart has continued to be successful throughout the 2017 season and exemplifies many of the traits of a strong and successful leader.

Hart started golfing “on and off” when she was about 7 years old but began taking the sport more seriously when she was in sixth grade. Her parents prompted her to begin her golfing career in hopes for a college scholarship in the future. Pyron believes that Hannah will definitely qualify for a division one college and that she could even play professionally if she wants to continue playing competitively.

Coach Janey Dunn also sees Hart having a future in golf. She described Hart as “very dedicated” and is impressed with Hart’s consistency and her continued practice when Foothill’s golf team isn’t in season.  


While Hart is unsure about playing golf professionally, a college scholarship is “the goal that [she has] always been working towards.”

In addition to Hart’s skills on the golf course Dunn said that Hart is “a great person” and “makes [her] laugh a lot.” Pyron believes that Hart’s influence does not just affect the team on the course but that she is kind on positive, no matter what situation she is in.

“She’s always truthful and always kind and just a very good person,” Pyron said.

Besides standing out on the course, Hart also stands out in school. With a 4.29 grade point average and her participation in the D-Tech Academy, Hart is a well rounded student. She believes that “while golf is really important, you need to have good grades to go along with it” and that her parents “have really stressed to [her] that school is the most important.”



According to Dunn, Hart is also very reliable on and off the field. Dunn stated that “she brings a confidence to the team because we all know she’s going to deliver a good score for us.” Pyron also complimented Hart’s consistent concentration and said that Hart is always “focused during golf and in school.”

Dunn believes that Hart is “solid [and] consistent” and “a good iron player” who impacts the team by pushing others to do better.

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