The magic ends, Disney stores closing across North America


Kaelyn Savard

Due to the increasing popularity of online shopping, the Walt Disney Co. has made the decision to shut down multiple stores across North America in order to put a more extensive focus on its e-commerce business.

Emma Ippolito, Writer

As online shopping becomes increasingly more popular across the country, The Walt Disney Co. has decided to close almost 60 stores in North America this year to focus on its e-commerce business. The California Disney stores will be closing on Sep. 15, 2021 including their locations in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Stores will be closing across the United States in areas such as Arizona, Florida, Georgia and, of course, California. 

Although many Disney stores will be closing, Disney will still have its online shopping website available for people who hope to continue buying from the wonderful world of Disney. Right now, many of the soon-to-be-closed Disney stores are holding various clearance sales as well, so be sure to look into that if you want low prices on a variety of Disney products.

Luckily, the in-person Disney magic is not leaving forever. Target also plans on opening more than 100 Disney shops inside up to 160 stores by the end of 2021, selling both toys, costumes and other merchandise. Both companies are hoping to have these mini stores open just in time for the holiday season.

Stephanie Young, president of consumer products, games and publishing, on USA Today stated “We now plan to create a more flexible, interconnected e-commerce experience that gives consumers easy access to unique, high-quality products across all our franchises.”

After the most recent closing, there are still about 24 stores still open. The closings will not affect over 600 stores inside Disney theme parks and a few other locations, including the small shops inside Target. 

Some locations where stores will remain open include the Camarillo outlet, which can be beneficial for Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) students. Other locations will include numerous outlets in San Francisco and in a few other states.

The news of Disney Stores closing across the US can be disappointing for many Foothill Tech students, especially since Disney stores might hold countless childhood shopping memories for them. 

Thankfully, students will still get to experience the magic of Disney at Target with the small Disney shops along with the outlet in Camarillo and of course the stores located in downtown Disney. 

The magic hasn’t ended yet for Foothill Tech students!

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