A guide to Ventura’s uniquely supreme coffee shops


Frances English

Lovewell Tea & Coffee offers many table options for a quick sit down or a more leisurely stay. They also have a few nonedible items for sale, including sweatshirts and water bottles.

Frances English, Writer

Coffee: a simple drink that guides the lives of adults and teens alike. With an extensive list of coffee shops spread throughout Ventura, the question of where to go and what to order can have a complicated answer. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect coffee at one of Ventura’s local cafés.


Palermo is a local favorite when it comes to coffee and other delicious beverages. Their iced vanilla latte is strong with subtly sweet undertones. Although it was an average drink, it’s not one I would especially recommend. Palermo is an excellent option for chai lovers and people who want a little more than just a basic drink. Their menu features many chai flavors and always has a fan-favorite special, usually alluding to the season of the year. The café has a few mouthwatering food options, including french macarons, gelato and chocolate. There is also a little shop in the back featuring some gift items. Palermo is a great pick, but coffee is far from the main appeal. 

Prospect Coffee Roasters

Prospect Coffee Roasters’ usually full tables accurately represents their quality of coffee. Everything on their menu is delicious, including their basic iced vanilla latte. For me, it has the perfect ratio of bitterness from the coffee and sweetness from the vanilla. Their matcha latte is also a popular pick, which is incredibly well deserved. They also have a few food options, including some vegan pastries from danishes to muffins to granola bars. Although their menu is flawless, they don’t have any eccentric flavors. Prospect is a go-to place for someone craving an all-around solid and basic drink. 

Lovewell Tea & Coffee

Lovewell Tea & Coffee is an underrated coffee shop that every Venturan should know about. Their special iced latte was delightful, with their crushed ice being greatly appreciated. Along with their drinks, they have a few baked items. Like Prospect, Lovewell has a few vegan options. They always have a few seasonal beverage flavors as a part of a special menu. Lovewell is a great space and offers a fantastic ambiance for studying. The only flaw is their hours, which are open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and are closed on Sundays. Their coffee is excellent, but they offer little studying time for students who don’t get out of school until later. Lovewell should always be considered as a primary choice when choosing a coffee shop to go to. 

Secret Garden Florist

Secret Garden Florist serves primarily as a flower shop with a built-in cafe. It’s a cute space with flowers to browse while you get your coffee. They offer tables and chairs that match the flowers that are sold perfectly. The setup fits the aesthetic and radiates fabulously uplifting energy. Their menu is filled with specially oriented drinks, including a Mexican hot chocolate. They also have some food items and an açaí bowl. Their iced clover-agave latte was deliciously unique in that it was not something you could order at Starbucks. Although people may overlook their coffee by the title, the cafe is definitely not something caffeine lovers should overlook. It’s the perfect place for a specialty coffee in a lovely setting. 


Simones is a well-known coffee shop in Ventura and is well worth visiting. They are the oldest independent coffeehouse in Ventura and have lived up to their fame, opening a second location in Ventura to begin a small chain. Their classic iced vanilla latte was delectable and their menu was the most extensive. Simones has a large food menu to accompany their drinks, unlike many other coffee shops. From wraps to bagels to avocado toast, Simones is sure to eliminate your hunger. The shop has a cute space and is a great place to stop for breakfast or lunch. For some coffee options and food, Simones is the ideal stop. 

With so many places to choose from, the cafés of Ventura will surely have the perfect place to fulfill any coffee craving. It depends on what you think is the best to drink, eat and your most ideally satisfying setting.

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