It, the clown of terror


Credit: Warner Bros

Sophia Parker

Are you looking for a scare to make you scream? The film “It” definitely causes you to shrill from exciting terror. The movie will get you on the edge of your seat and has little hints of humor to lighten the mood. The theater was filled with shrieks and laughter. It’s a great way to get your heart pumping. So take a look and find out if the young group of ‘ghostbusters’ can take on Pennywise, the clown of terror.

The story focuses on seven children, the rejects of the town of Derry, and the terrifying events that begin to happen to them on account of a creeping clown named Pennywise. The leader of the pack, Bill Denbrough, is determined to investigate into these strange happenings and get revenge for his brother who was lost a year prior. It will only become more difficult, however, as “It” begins to torment the group of outcasts more intensely than they can handle.

The film does very well in depicting Stephen King’s horror epic. There were few scenes which felt cheap or not suspenseful. Most everything else was assuredly terrifying. The scenes which also appeared in the 1990’s adaptation were given sinister upgrades, and many new scenes which haven’t been screened before give this remaster a freshly freaky experience.

The characters in the film are all cast wonderfully, perhaps Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise being the most notable. His performance in comparison to Tim Curry’s in the 1990 miniseries really steps up in terms of how unsettling the character can be.

The “Losers Club” also gets an upgrade, with their relationship and how they interact feeling very natural and comfortable. In addition, Skarsgard was kept away from the kids in isolation to create more tension between them in scenes. Andy Muschietti directs an edge-of-the-seat roller coaster that will surely gain him notoriety.

All actors fully played the role as if they were actually that character. The movie makes audiences believe as if the town, Derry with all it’s hidden secrets, is really out there. The animations were as realistic as ever and provided an extra factor to make you jump with pure fear. Throughout the film it had many jump scares and they happened one after another.

It”was a well put together film, but definitely is only for people who like a good scare. The film was exciting to watch because throughout it you are always waiting for the next fright to come. I would absolutely recommend this movie for an adrenaline junky who likes to jump out of their seat in intense dismay.

Don’t worry, for those you are not sure about seeing this movie, go watch and be delighted for witty humor every now and then. The young kids comical personalities will ease the intensity of the horror. Can’t decide between a horror or comedy? This is the film to watch.



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