Foothill teachers get wild for Africa


Gemma Stoll

To help raise money for the construction of a school in Sierra Leone, many Foothill teachers have agreed to perform certain actions as long as students donate enough money. Photo Illustration: Alex Phelps/The Foothill Dragon Press.

Have you ever secretly wished that applied arts and yearbook teacher Conni Carr would dye her hair blonde? Or that science teacher John Weldele would perform a rap?  Students will have a chance to make Foothill teachers do some outrageous things thanks to Teacher Challenge Week.

Teacher Challenge Week is a fundraiser hosted by Foothill for Africa, a club dedicated to raising money to build schools in Sierra Leone and organized by Foothill teachers Cherie Eulau and Melissa Wantz.

In order to build a school, Foothill for Africa needs to raise $50,000. They have already earned $43,000. To reach their goal, the club is hoping that Teacher Challenge Week and an evening art, food and music event will raise the remaining $7,000.

Many teachers have agreed to perform actions suggested by students for a certain price. English teacher Jason Dinkler has agreed to grow a beard, science teacher Wendi Butler will sing a duet with senior Bill Grundler in front of the entire student body, and EDA teacher Kristen Faulconer will perform an interpretive dance for her class that raises the most money.

However, if the student body does not raise the required amount of money, the teachers are off the hook.

The Challenge Week will be from Monday, March 21, to Friday, March 25. On Friday there will be a lunchtime show on the stage for the audacious teachers to show off their talents.  Tip jars will be available during the lunchtime show, so that the students can jump in on the challenges or call for an encore.  T-shirts to raise awareness for Sierra Leone will also be sold for $10 that day.

Here’s how it works: every teacher will be given a container to collect donations from the students, starting on March 14.  Raffle tickets for teachers’ parking spots will be sold as well the week of the 14th. The price is $1 per ticket.  Deliver the money to the teacher envelope on the stage at lunch for a chance to win.

“Teacher Challenge Week is a wonderful way for students and teachers to come together for a good cause that will change the lives of these children forever,” said Foothill for Africa senior Trent Ruiz.

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