Students participate in Halloween with unique costumes and ensembles (55 photos)


Kinsey Thomas

[dropcap size=dropcap]G[/dropcap]oblins, ghouls, and spirited Foothill students haunted the halls this Halloween day. Students were inspired by “My Little Pony,” super heroes, and characters of all kinds. From the yellow Teletubby to the simple rabbit ears, all costumes were embraced with a wonderful attitude bringing colorful costumes and vivacious vibes to the campus. But students were not the only ones who brought their halloween spirit, the faculty did as well. Mrs. Tedford and Mrs. Vega were the jellyfish twins and floated around the campus to day.


Halloween at Foothill was embraced by many students and faculty and brought wonderful ensembles for all to see and enjoy this spooky Halloween school day.

Photo Credit: Kinsey Thomas/The Foothill Dragon Press

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