Winter fashion for a “Ventura winter”


Credit: Jordyn Savard / The Foothill Dragon Press

Sophia Parker

Everyone always sees the adorable large scarfs, knit sweaters and tall boots paired with socks during the winter season. In Ventura, Calif. our locals have to endure warmer weather this time of year. Don’t worry, you can still follow the cold trends this year in order to look your best for the season.

First, there needs to be a balance between the types of clothing. Be a moderate dresser, and find a happy medium. If you are wearing a large scarf, you would want to pair that with a light long sleeve and jean jacket on top. This winter season, tall socks and knee-high boots are the most popular cold-weather trend. Wear the boot and sock combo matched with a skirt to balance out the amount of clothing you wear.

To tie the articles of clothing together to make an adorable outfit, winter colors are key to the perfect combination of tones that don’t completely overpower the clothing itself. I think that fall and winter colors go hand-in-hand. The statement colors consist of maroon, a dark emerald green, a rusty orange and a deep black. A tasteful winter look doesn’t only need a balance between clothing items but with dark and light tones. With those bold statement colors, combine with colors like white, light grey, light-washed jeans and pale pink.

For every outfit, in every season, the balancing of opposites is crucial. Carry this advice into many more outfits and many more seasons. It’s the secret to looking the best for at any time.

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