Bryn Gallagher: Columnist Wars, 2013

Bryn Gallagher

The other day I was driving home pumping the bass in Mom’s tricked out black Prius (it has original rims and everything) listening to “Thrift Shop.” I was jamming to that radical clarinet and having the time of my life with the background chorus of “Bryn, Bryn stop, Bryn you’re not cool. Bryn, Bryn, Bryn, Bryn this is why you never get dates!” coming from my little sister who specializes in driving tips and life advice from shotgun.

I just have to say it right now: I liked thrift shopping before it was cool. Heck, Mom liked thrift shopping before it was cool. Wait, is it cool? Oh it’s passe, darn I never thought that maybe I would be getting out of fashion clothing from a thrift store… H&M it is then.

You might be wondering where this is going. Read Luke Ballmer’s “Macklemore is either stupid or wrong, probably both” and you’ll know.{sidebar id=66}

I write this in defense of famed thrifting rapper Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore.

I am probably one of those “confoundingly obsessed followers” that bug Luke so much (admittedly I follow Macklemore on Instagram and Twitter). I really like Macklemore, I like what he’s saying, I like the way he sounds, I like mortifying my little sister by rocking out to his music in the Prius. I know most of the words to “Thrift Shop” because I have listened to it more than anyone probably should.

Do I think that he is the savior of our wayward society? A guiding light? A clear voice for the unrelenting clamor of youth. Nope, not really, no.

Do I think he seems like a pretty cool guy? A pretty fun rapper? Are his songs mad catchy? Yep, absolutely, yes. Is he also somewhat attractive? You betcha.

Are these also the reasons that I went through a One Direction phase? Well… yeah.

I know what I am right now, exactly what I think Luke has a problem with. That high school kid currently selfishly worried about what college she is going to next year jamming to some music simply because she likes it and someone who paints the world with rosy columns and seems to completely ignore the realm of societal problems and human suffering in general. Bad Bryn.

I do care about what is going on in the world which is why I try to put a little joy in it, and though I admittedly never met the guy, I think that Macklemore cares about the world too, which is why he raps the way he does. I also think he is human and therefore fails at his own goals as often as the rest of us fail ours (unless you are Chuck Norris, of course).

Last I checked, pop music did not have that big of an impact on society. One Direction did not make me any more humble in an attempt to find love, Maroon 5 didn’t make Mick Jagger’s moves that cool, and I am sorry Fun, but I am not going to set the world on fire this evening, or actually ever.

I guess what I have tried to say for the past 11 paragraphs is this: Sometimes a catchy song is simply a catchy song, and sometimes the right guy happens to be in the right place singing that catchy song.

Besides, I always thought thrift stores were passe, and that was where they got their charm.

This is not an attack against Luke Ballmer. He is a good fellow but I just don’t quite agree with his last piece so I thought, “Hey, I’ll write a piece too.” I am not trying to start a war. However, Luke if your reading this and if a war is wanted, pick a piece of mine (even this one if it suits you) and tear it apart. We could add some drama to this site. Columnist Wars, 2013. Think about it. Seriously.

What do you think?