Bryn Gallagher: A geeky ballerina’s best of 2012

Bryn Gallagher

The year ended and I read about everyone’s favorite TV episodes, and realized how little I actually know about real people TV. Then I thought about how sad it was that my shows were being mostly ignored. This line of reasoning went directly into, “Hey! I have a column to put my favorite shows on!”

Without further ado here it is, the geekier guide to 2012’s best TV episodes:

1. Doctor Who, “The Angels Take Manhattan”: Spoilers! In an unprecedented and much contested episode, Steven Moffat took the Doctor’s most terrifying foe, the Weeping Angels, and his most beloved companions, Amy and Rory Pond, and threw them together in the most beautifully depressing episode ever concocted by any human soul. I both hated and loved every bit of the episode; it was a complete work of art.

2. Sherlock, “The Reichenbach Fall”: It seems Steven Moffat was in a killing mood, and after wreaking havoc on the world’s favorite Doctor he turned his eye upon the world’s favorite (and only) consulting detective. The episode twisted, turned, and kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire hour and a half. Could it be possible the deceitful Moriarty is actually more clever than Sherlock Holmes himself? {sidebar id=65}

3. Downton Abbey: I’m not even going to pick an episode for this one. You absolutely need to watch “Downton Abbey.” The costumes are great, the acting is top notch, and it has Dame Maggie Smith in it. Even if you are not a fan of historical drama, you will most likely adore the Dowager Countess.

4. Common Law, “Joint Custody”: Take detective partners who hate each other and add a custody battle over a highly trained police dog, completely classic. Hilarious and heart warming “Common Law” is always worth watching.

5. Bunheads, “A Nutcracker in Paradise”: So I may have some ballerina bias on this one. Just a little bit. But “Bunheads” combines fast paced witty repartee with some almost spot-on ballet facts. Add the fact that it is essentially set in Ventura County and you can almost forgive that they call pointe shoes “toe shoes.” To give you a taste of this episode: take a performance of the Nutcracker; add mace.

6. So You Think You Can Dance: I know, I know my dancer is showing but oh my gosh, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Once again, I simply cannot pick one episode.

7. The Olympics: Can I just mention the Olympics? I think they are kind of a big deal.

8. Bones, “The Ghost in Machine”: In an interesting change from the general crime show format, the creators of “Bones” shot this episode as if seen from the eyes of the deceased. The characters each addressed the victim directly, which provided a perfect platform for a discussion on spirituality and the soul.

9. Ovation Battle of the Nutcrackers: Four takes on the Nutcracker story by four different ballet companies in four different countries. “Ovation Battle of the Nutcrackers” is a long time tradition in the Gallagher household. You can think of it as a culturally and artistically eye opening program; besides they are very, very cool.


I think you have heard me talk about my favorite TV shows for long enough. Just in case you haven’t noticed, I left number 10 conspicuously blank. That one is for you. I want to know, what is your favorite TV from 2012? Comment and let me know.

What do you think?