Kinsey Thomas mixes vintage and modern to create unique fashion


Katie Sones

Junior Kinsey Thomas has a unique style combining looks from the past and modern fashion styles. Credit: Katie Sones/The Foothill Dragon Press
In the fashion world, you’ll find most people trying to predict what will be the next big thing. This is not the case for Foothill junior Kinsey Thomas. She goes against the grain and instead looks to the past for her fashion inspiration, counting thrift stores as her favorite places to shop. Thomas likes to incorporate some of the new styles with more vintage things.
By blending modern clothes from Target with retro treasures, her style uses new items to breath new life into the old.
“Right now I’m really into scarves in my hair,” Thomas said.
Scarves were a fashion staple in the 50s, a time period she often looks to for inspiration. Counting Lucille Ball as one of her fashion inspirations, Thomas channels the 50s perfectly with a red scarf tied into a fun rockabilly hairstyle.
Another fashion inspiration for Thomas is television show “Project Runway.” A fan of fashion design since age eight, she says “Project Runway” has “really inspired me since I was little.” Her biggest inspiration from the show is Kenley Collins, a designer who was a finalist on season five of “Project Runway.”
Thomas’ closet staples include vintage dresses, her saddle shoes (“I feel like I can put those with anything!”), removable collars, bowties, and her jean jacket (“I never realize how much I wear it!”). She bought almost all of these fun, quirky, and versatile pieces at local thrift stores, which are treasure troves of unique, vintage styles you can’t find anywhere else.
Sometimes, people are scared to make bold fashion choices and decide to resort to whatever everyone else is wearing.
“That’s why I’m glad I go to Foothill,” Thomas said.
Foothill is an expressive school, and is often said to be more accepting of self-expressions than other high schools. A welcoming environment here at Foothill helps to foster Thomas’ fashion endeavors.
Kinsey Thomas channels decades past and combines thrift-store finds with new styles to create her own brand of funky old-meets-new fashion, refreshing vintage clothes with new ones, and refreshing Foothill’s halls with her unique style.
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