Foothill teachers: Giving lessons in style (5 photos)

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Foothill teachers: Giving lessons in style (5 photos)

Natalie Smith

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Art teacher Justin Frazier has a unique “back to school” style. Credit: Lauren Pedersen/The Foothill Dragon Press

Do you ever really notice what your teachers are wearing? At Foothill, it’s hard not to notice with all of the unique and interesting styles our teachers and staff sport. While students were getting their “back to school” looks ready, the teachers at Foothill already had their “back to work” style down, and were ready to leap into the school year full stride.

Biology and Chemistry teacher Ryan Duston feels that when a teacher is teaching, it’s their job to dress professionally. He spent his first year teaching at Saint Bonaventure High School, a private school where the students are required to wear a uniform.

“Because the students were in uniform, it made me feel like I needed to dress better than them,” Duston said.

This has carried over into his current style and outfit choices that he wears to work. Duston loves shopping at Banana Republic, Macy’s and Old Navy.

For Physics and Biology teacher Macie Vega, being a vegan influences what she wears. She doesn’t like wearing real leather, wool, or silk, and sometimes she shops at thrift stores so she can recycle the clothes and find unique treasures. However, she also loves Nordstrom’s Rack.

Art teacher Justin Frazier says his “work style” is his only style.

“I’m not savvy enough for two styles,” he said.

When asked whether or not his students have affected his own style, Frazier said, “No, I’m more of the trend setter; I affect the students’ styles.”

Senior Stephen Mariani said that Frazier’s students call his style the “fraz-cas” and try to imitate it on certain days.

If Ann Taylor is having a sale, you’ll be sure to find Government and History teacher Cherie Eulau in line. She loves buying things that are “trendy but won’t go out of style anytime soon.” She tends to keep her work attire separate from her usual attire, but they intertwine every once in awhile.

Spanish teacher Adrian Sanchez also seems to have a great “back to school” style that gives him a polished look.

All of the Foothill staff manage to pull off the professional look without looking stuffy or stingy; they allow a little bit of their own unique and different styles to shine through. Watch out students, they might just show you up!

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