Fashion forward tips for Prom 2012

Kirsten Wiltjer

Credit: Kirsten Wiltjer/The Foothill Dragon PressAs prom rapidly approaches, the time to discover the perfect prom dress is evaporating. There are incredible amounts of styles, cuts and patterns; but which one fits the occasion, suits you, and makes a statement? Here are three of this season’s most popular prom dresses which can flatter and create an overall stunning look.

#1: The Hi-Low Dress

Hi-low is the craze for springs skirts and likewise this look can be carried over to prom dresses. Strapless gowns with a flowly hi-low skirt are the perfect spring combination. With a fancy lace or diamond top, the dress is automatically converted from a lazy spring day to a fancy prom gown. This is one of my favorite fashions because these dresses are easier to wear than the long ball gowns yet are still more sophisticated than shorter dresses.

#2: The Glitter Craze Dress                                                  

Every girl who loves sparkles will adore a dress completely covered in glitter for prom. This impeccable statement will make you (literally) shine and stand out from everyone else. There are multiple different glitters such as black, platinum, white, gold and even multicolored. My favorite example of this dress is a short black body con one from Free People. These pieces will definitely be the most fun and poppy of the evening.

#3: The Classic Evening Gown

My personal preference for the classic prom gown would be long and strapless. This is the go-to look for every girl, yet the styles differ so greatly from each other that each piece will be undoubtedly unique. This year my dress decision will most likely fall in this category as I am looking for something simple yet elegant. There is such a multitude of prom dress websites therefore the variety is amazing. Prom Girl is an online prom dress super store which covers just about everything relating to prom. The dresses range from out of control to just right, as do the prices. There are way too many gowns to sift through them all yet I found a white and diamond encrusted dress which immediately caught my eye as one of the most chic.

All three of these styles can easily be channeled and there should be no worry that someone will wear the same dress or fashion because with all these choices, everyone will look unique. Prom 2012 is bound to be a fashion forward one.

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