Bryn Gallagher: Prom dresses

Bryn Gallagher

With ever-looming AP tests, upcoming SAT re-takes, and CSTs I’ve been studying like a maniac, right? Wrong.

I’ve been looking at prom dresses online. Blame Facebook ads or whatever else, but when I haven’t been watching “Henri Le Chat” on YouTube it has been all about those sparkly, high-low, giant, skimpy, strappy prom dresses.

And man are they pricey. One giant, cream-colored, princess ball gown (that just so happened to be sold by a picture of a lovely girl and shirtless boy) was $509 on sale, retail price supposedly $1,018. All for a prom dress that you’ll wear… once… twice… whew that’s a lot.

I know that people spend far more on wedding dresses, but something about that doesn’t seem nearly as crazy to me. I guess it’s because a wedding dress is something that you wear on a pretty big day in your life, you know the whole getting hitched bit. Now, last I checked you are not getting married to your prom date.

But, hey, if you are going to, more power to you. Still, save your money to get a nice wedding dress because I’m pretty sure it’s a bigger deal.

Actually people just spend a heck of a lot on prom in general. A Visa survey found that American families plan to spend $1,078 on prom this year; that includes food, travel, tickets, flowers, and any other prom accouterment that you could possibly want. Or for some, one really pretty dress.

Now back to the dresses themselves, do you really want to look back at a picture of yourself in a sexified, strappy, almost-nothing dress? Wouldn’t you be happier and more comfortable in a still gorgeous but less skimpy dress? It’s probably because dresses just aren’t my thing, ballet tutus are enough girly for me.

I guess it comes down to this: as prom barrels towards us it’s not how much you spend on the dress that counts, it’s that you have a good time at prom. You can buy a dress but you can’t buy happiness. But, good luck on your search for the perfect dress (mine’s green!).

What do you think?