Don Rojo: The Guitar Teacher


Melissa Marshall

Credit: Michael Stancil. Used with permission.Senior Don Rojo chose to incorporate his passion for music into his Hero Project by teaching children how to play the guitar at the Boys and Girls Club.

“I am working with two of my friends, so there are three of us. We teach fifth graders how to play the guitar and work with music.” Rojo said.

Employees at the Boys and Girls Club randomly selected the children who were placed in Rojo’s guitar lessons.

“It can be hard because sometimes there are kids who don’t really care about learning how to play the guitar,” he said. “Despite that, we always get very happy when the kids learn a new song, and it makes all the stressful times worth it.”

Rojo believes in the importance of music for youth.

“I think music is a very important thing in life, and you are rewarded really well,” Rojo said. “It gives kids something to do instead of doing something stupid.”

Not only is it rewarding for the students, but it is also for him.

“I have learned that I need a lot more patience, and I have gained that from the kids.” Rojo said. “I’ve learned how to talk to kids and be more of a people person.”

He hopes that helping the students will encourage them to teach fellow peers music in the future, or even choose a musical profession when they grow up.

“I will definitely continue to help out the program at the Boys and Girls Club and volunteer in the future.” Rojo said.

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