On the bench ft. Mrs. Eulau


Kaelyn Savard

Take a look at the inside scoop on a beloved history and ethnic studies teacher.

Jenna Ostrom, Videographer

Jenna Ostrom

Mrs. Eulau is a long-time history teacher at Foothill Technology High School. She makes classes more intriguing for students by collaborating with other teachers and developing a safe, hands-on environment for students to create and answer questions. When she’s not at school, Mrs. Eulau can be found with her head in a book or on the couch watching her favorite shows as she passes time. She also loves to cook, and partnering that love to make food is the love to consume it. When she is feeling more active, Mrs. Eulau can be found running, swimming and surfing. You can even find her in a spin class or two! If you have seen Mrs. Eulau around campus, its difficult for her amazing style to go unnoticed, in fact she admits that she has a love for clothes but shopping on the other hand-not so much.

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