Taylor Rios and Jasmin McInnis: The Drama Teachers


Glenda Marshall


Credit: Ceejae Alfonso. Used with permission.With memories of helping with a music club at Elmhurst Elementary School a few years ago, senior Taylor Rios was inspired to start a drama club at Elmhurst for his Senior Hero Project this year. Fellow Foothill senior Jasmin McInnis joined him in his efforts.
“It’s ideal for a Hero Project because it is really fun, but it is still giving, and the kids really benefit,” Rios said
Although he has not had much acting experience in the past, Rios has taken Drama I at Foothill and relies on help from McInnis who has taken Drama I and II.
“It is mostly improv and just working together,” Rios said
The duo aims to provide the elementary students with a safe and fun after-school activity that they can look forward to and enjoy. Rios especially hopes that they feel comfortable being themselves at club meetings.
“Basically, the purpose of the club is to give these kids an outlet to express their artistic creativity through acting and allow them to express themselves,” he said.
The club meets after school at Elmhurst from 2:30 to 3:30 on Mondays and Thursdays, and is open to any fourth or fifth graders attending the elementary school.
Their goal is to put on a performance of Peter Pan by the end of the year.
“Most of the fun stuff comes from watching funny kids do funny things in weird outfits,” Rios said.
In public schools across the nation, elective classes such as woodshop, computers, and drama have found themselves the targets of the suffering economy and recent budget cuts inflicted on school curriculums.
“Right now art programs are being cut all the time,” Rios said. “A lot of elementary schools don’t have any arts at all. No physical arts like drawing, no drama. There is a big need for these programs, so we want to give it to the school.”
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