Ami Ballmer: Five reasons you should watch Doctor Who

Dragon Press Editorial Board

I know I probably shouldn’t be spending massive amounts of time watching a show about a time-travelling alien on Netflix when I have homework, but I can’t stop myself. Here are the 5 reasons that you should be watching Doctor Who too:

5. Anything can happen

The benefit of giving your hero a time-and-space traveling phone box is the infinite number of storylines that spring from it. It’s a free pass so the writers can literally put the Doctor and his companions into any situation they wish, and they use the power well. Appearances from historical figures such as Vincent Van Gogh, Hitler, and William Shakespeare are just as common as aliens like the Vashta Nerada, Daleks, or Weeping Angels. The Sci-fi element allows for creative storylines and action, and the possibilities are truly endless. 

4. The Cast

Doctor Who might not have the most famous cast, but with a healthy mix of old and new talent, the acting is really fantastic. If you don’t take my word for it, look at the dozens of awards they have won. Great acting from every character really supports the show, but Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor, is out of this world. Bonus points: they’re all very nice to look at.

3. 784 episodes and still going strong

The Doctors unique ability to “regenerate” and change his body, thereby letting a new actor take over the role, has allowed Doctor Who stay on the air even with different actors. Since it’s original airdate in 1963, eleven different actors have played the Doctor and dozens have played his companions. With 784 episodes, there’s always something you haven’t seen, and the switching of actors means your favorite show could be on the air indefinitely.

2. Still Fresh

With so many episodes, it’s easy for a show to go stale. Doctor Who has navigated around it perfectly by switching up their cast and keeping the plot lines engaging. Every episode is smart and complex, dealing with surprisingly human issues for a show about aliens. It’s not a show you can watch passively, but the stories are brilliantly crafted to make you struggle to solve the puzzle before the Doctor can. 

1. It’s not just a sci-fi show

Don’t let the traveling through time and buzzing gadgets fool you, this isn’t just a show for nerds or geeks. Doctor Who has adventure, romance, and suspense blends the genres together perfectly. I’ve laugh and sobbed over the same episode, watched baddies defeated and a lovebirds split forever in a single hour. Doctor Who has perfected the emotional roller coaster.

What do you think?