Chandler Vu: What happened to giving during the holiday season?

Chandler Vu

Aren’t we in a recession?

Last time I walked into the mall that didn’t seem to be the case. As I perused the halls, I was both shocked and disgusted at the blatant display of economic ignorance and capitalistic frenzy that presents itself in the form of Black Friday. It’s the time of year when all the stores compete for the shopper’s overburdened mind with neon signs screaming “SALE!”

By now, you probably know that our economy is crumbling and that saving money has become a necessity for many people. People’s lives have gone down the drain, yet middle-aged women are still fighting to the death for the last 60 percent off pair of rubber gloves or toothbrush.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but doesn’t this seem a little backwards? Shouldn’t the malls have been empty due to people are tightening their belts? No, or not in America at least. This year, Americans were once again attracted to tantalizing prices and spent an estimated 52.4 billion dollars on things that they’ll probably end up returning. If this doesn’t scream American ignorance, then I don’t know what does.

While our nation is failing, Ms. Smith is still busy stuffing her plastic bags full of useless rubbish and donating her life’s savings to the bank accounts of corporations.

The most devastating part of this is that people are forgetting the about the true meaning of the holidays. Everyone is so consumed with getting a new toy at a low price that they forget this is the time of the year when we are supposed to be giving to those in need.

We are supposed to be feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, bringing joy to the unhappy. We are supposed to be spending time with friends and family. We are supposed to be enjoying what we already have.

Our society has changed Christmas from a “time of giving” into a “time of shopping.” People make their lists and wait for Santa Claus to come without even thinking about the underprivileged. While Sam and Bobby eagerly await their Hot Wheels, Freddy is left to endure a financially restricted holiday season.

So as the day after Christmas and New Year blowout sales arrive, don’t consume yourself with the tremendous offers and discounts. Stay true to yourself. Have a heart and pay it forward. I assure you that performing even the smallest act of of charity will be more fulfilling than any lavish present. 

What do you think?