CSU San Francisco: Carly Newman (’10)

Credit: Patrick Toomey.

Anaika Miller

Credit: Patrick Toomey.
Credit: Patrick Toomey. Used with permission.

San Francisco is a very tourist-y town. Because the school is on the outskirts of the city, however, the crowds can be easily avoided.  If you seek a college experience full of adventure in the city, popular hotspots such as The Embarcadero, The Warf, AT&T Park, Castro, the Mission District, Civic Center, and Union Square are everywhere for you to venture into. There is a little something for everyone; just don’t drive there! The busses and underground transportation systems (Muni and BART) can get you anywhere in the city or bay area.

If you are considering moving to San Francisco, you’ll have to learn to enjoy the cold weather and rain. So far, there’s only been one week out of the entire year when it was possible to wear shorts all day long.

San Francisco State used to function a lot better then it does now, but budget cuts have impacted most of the majors, making it hard to get into certain classes. Honestly, you’ll find that budget cuts have affected most public schools nowadays. Most of the teachers that I’ve had have been great and very helpful, however. Even though I only attended Foothill in my senior year, the school helped me a lot. Most of the classes at this school have about the same workload or less than those given at Foothill.

There is something for everyone here, so a variety of different and unique people are attracted to the San Francisco environment. Many hipsters, ravers, stoners and sports fiends (because you will probably become a Giants fan in San Fran) roam about.

A school is a school. But the most important part of the college experience is to love the city you’re in. San Francisco isn’t for everyone, but it’s an amazing city to explore.

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