Point Loma Nazarene University: Kirsten Garbe (’11)


Anaika Miller

Credit: Paige Starchen
Credit: Paige Starchen. Used with Permission.

Point Loma is the type of college for a student who wants to live in a Christian atmosphere, but is still very serious and wants to be academically challenged. Here, there is a heavy load of GE courses; possibly more than most schools. The science classes here are great, but unfortunately, the impressive lab at Foothill spoiled me.  Academically, Foothill has prepared me really well for college

The people here are so friendly! Everyone at Point Loma dresses really well and it’s fun to see all the different looks. The professors are great, and I have learned so much in my classes. A ton of activities are available right here on campus, which are convenient considering most freshmen don’t have a car. On the weekends, an off-campus shuttle takes students to various places in San Diego. Being in San Diego is my favorite part; it is such an awesome city! Even though Point Loma is in a residential area, it is easy to take a trolley or bus to literally anywhere in San Diego.

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