Ventura College: Jackie Duncan (’11)

Credit: Lauren Parrino.

Anaika Miller

Credit: Lauren Parrino.
Credit: Lauren Parrino. Used with permission.

My first impression of Ventura College is that it’s a great way to transition out of high school. It may not offer the vast resources or opportunities a university may have to offer, but I think VC is a great choice for any student who wants to save money on tuition cost the first couple of years of college; I loved paying only $2 for a semester of classes.

I like that VC has a smaller campus which gives the classes an intimate feeling similar to that at Foothill. Ventura College also gives me the chance to ease into the college experience without shocking myself at a school with a large enrollment and campus. I feel like I’ll be more confident and prepared when I transfer to UCSB in two years. But, attending VC sometimes makes me feel like I’m missing out on the true “college experience.”

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