Edgy black and gold trends for fall

Kirsten Wiltjer

Credit: Kirsten Wiltjer/The Foothill Dragon Press.


Be bold with this fall’s star colors. You can be classy, dark, chic, or edgy with  mixtures of black and gold in their different patterns. Leather, faux fur, sparkles and sequins are the upcoming textures this season. They can be seen as a more fancy array of elements, however can be worn for a casual day with the simple mixture of a soft knit sweater, a white tee or grey tank top.

Put together a more relaxed outfit with sequined gold or black leather shine paired with solid colors. For the more adventurous, pair a leather skirt with a patterned crop top similar to the two above.

Mix gold, black and silver bracelets and rings as a statement. Less is more, but experimenting with a stack of bangles always adds flair. Piling on accessories can be overwhelming, yet when evenly distributed among necklaces, rings and bracelets, it can be polished and give off a Bohemian look. No matter what style you choose, wear your clothing with confidence.

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