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Highlighting Foothill Tech’s best dressed students

Beatrice Barnes
Fashion is one of the many ways students at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) express themselves on campus. Whether students pull inspiration from social media, friends or even horror films, the items in their wardrobe are an integral aspect of their individual identity.

To some students at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech), getting dressed in the morning isn’t merely a chore, but a creative endeavor. Whether they are up-cycling thrift store finds, spicing up the latest trends or taking outfit inspiration from horror films, fashion can be an innovative process and a source of joy. Take a deeper look at this form of on-campus self-expression as we feature five particularly fashion-forward students; all of whom have cultivated their own distinct clothing styles.

Rebecca Walker

Becca Walker ‘24 sports her beloved “grandma core” thrifted sweater, a piece of clothing that brilliantly embodies the aesthetic of her day-to-day style. (Beatrice Barnes)

Within the halls of Foothill Tech, students can spot Rebecca Walker ‘24 fitted in colorful, thrifted finds and with a smile on her face. According to Walker, “thrift stores … [are] affordable … and more sustainable [than regular clothing stores],” making them an ideal place to find budget and earth-friendly fits. She has put her own twist on the popular “cottage core” aesthetic, and described her personal style as “grandma core.” Naturally, she shared that, “a good grandma sweater,” is an essential in her wardrobe. To develop this look, Walker has drawn inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, as well as family members. “I would say my cousin has really good style, and I would say her style is also grandma core and outdoorsy … I really look up to her.” At the end of the day, Walker mostly enjoys hunting for one-of-a-kind treasures in thrift stores, and expressed that, “part of [my] style is being different and unique in [my] own way, and not really sticking to the trends.”

Luke Sides

With an emphasis on comfy and casual, yet fashionable attire, Luke Sides ‘25 shops at a wide variety of clothing stores. “Usually I go to stores like Urban Outfitters or H&M, but I also go a lot to Goodwill and the bins.” By mixing brand-new and thrifted pieces, Sides has crafted his style through inspiration from social media and his friends, as he noted, “… the way that they dress influences the way I dress.” Sides emphasized that, “a nice, comfy sweater” is a staple in his wardrobe, especially as the cooler winter months approach.

Karidee Higgins

Karidee Higgins ‘25 can be seen wearing fashionable finds from her mom’s closet, low-rise jeans and outfits inspired by her peers. Showing her style flexibility, Higgins explained that she doesn’t wear anything catered to any specific trends. She stated, “Most of the time I just wear what I feel like wearing, I don’t really like [to] follow any [trends].”  Describing what inspires her clothing choices, Higgins expressed how she “steals outfits” from her friends, looks on Pinterest and takes ideas from random students in the halls as well.

Ryan Alderman ’25 can be seen walking down the halls with her unique, sustainable and fashionable look. She stands out with her style as the majority of her clothes are from the thrift store. Alderman acknowledges her individualized fashion sense, even calling her style a “treasure hunt.” (Maggie Lay)

Ryan Alderman

From an early age, Ryan Alderman ‘25 has been interested in her style. She claimed, “I’ve always been super into New York and fashion.” With a unique and sustainable wardrobe, Alderman explained where most of her clothes come from, saying, “75 percent of my clothing is from the thrift store, but if I go anywhere else it’s usually like little vintage shops.” With distinct pieces from vintage and thrift stores, Alderman is able to show her originality through her clothes. “Style is like what you find … a treasure hunt,” she stated. Although much of her style is based around original pieces, she maintained that one staple item in her closet are baggy jeans, a current prominent fashion trend.

Ruby Sydlaske

Inspired by B horror and vintage attire, Ruby Sydlaske ‘25 can be seen around campus wearing exceptional fashion pieces. With an admiration for vintage icons Edwige Fenech and Elsa Schiaparelli, Sydlaske draws inspiration from her distinct idols. Coordinated with her unique fashion sense, Sydlaske explained the various places she finds her clothing, claiming, “Sometimes I find them in my garage, sometimes I thrift them … I sew so I make a lot of my clothes.” Another element of Sydlaske’s attentive fashion sense is denim. She expressed that a staple piece of clothing in her closet is overalls, as well as showing her fondness for a denim trend, stating, “I really love the longer jean skirt trend.”

While roaming through the halls of Foothill Tech, a variety of notable styles can be seen, with each student expressing their individuality through their outfit choices. While each student maintains a unique style, Pinterest appreciation, love for thrift stores, denim and peer inspiration, all show similarities that can be found from Foothill Tech’s best dressed students.

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