Bianca Copeland: Setting her own style with thrift store finds


Sophomore Bianca Copeland uses thrift store finds to make her personal style stand out. Credit: Bianca Copeland/The Foothill Dragon Press

Brooklyne Shepherd


Sophomore Bianca Copeland uses items found at the thrift store to make her personal style stand out. Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press

For most high school students, it is difficult to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing fashion trends, but for sophomore Bianca Copeland, finding the “perfect” outfits comes naturally.

In order to keep her personal trends up-to-date, Copeland follows numerous blogs and tries to change and enhance these looks by adding her own distinct touch.

Vans are Copeland's go-to shoes, as they can easily pair with most items. Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press
Vans are Copeland’s go-to shoes, as they can easily pair with most items. Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press

“I follow a lot of blogs, especially those on Tumblr, and I try to keep up with the many trends circulating throughout Foothill’s campus, as well as those in the fashion industry,” she said.  

Although Copeland strives to keep her outfits creative, she enjoys shopping at well-known stores like Forever 21 and Foreign Exchange, and purchases the majority of her shoes from the Vans Store.

Her distinct style can be marked through her buys and unexpected finds at thrift stores. Although many high school students don’t necessarily think of or choose to buy their attire at thrift stores, Copeland looks at it as a bonus for her, since each article of clothing is inexpensive and extremely difficult to find a replica of anywhere else.

“That’s the nice thing about thrift stores. When you have something, it’s likely that another person won’t have the exact same one,” she said.

Copeland goes to thrift stores almost every weekend and attempts to go to them whenever she has extra time in her schedule.


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Her favorite thrift store in Ventura is the Goodwill on Main Street since they have a huge variety and great bargains. Copeland said she never leaves a thrift store unsatisfied or without a bag in her hand.

Mixing and matching name brands and thrift store finds is Copeland’s specialty. Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press

Although some people would classify her style as “hipster,” since she follows the latest trends and fashions outside of the cultural mainstream, she doesn’t necessarily consider herself as one. She views the clothing she wears as being a part of her own unique style.

Copeland likes to get a wide perspective of styles by looking at those not only in California, but also in other modern states.

“I stay up to date on these fashion trends primarily through my good friends who are from Seattle and dress very hip. We constantly are talking about clothes and what’s currently in,” she said. “Right now, Adidas is really in, all the way from their shirts to their shoes that appeal to both genders.”

While most people aspire and look up to certain fashion icons for inspiration, Copeland doesn’t really follow celebrity style.

She tries to create her own signature look that reflects her personal style.

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