Flirty, feminine “French Girl Style” is the new fashion forward


Credit: Jordyn Savard / The Foothill Dragon Press

Sophia Parker

Lately we have seen a new fashion trend quickly take over social media platforms by famous models and a myriad of brands. We are saying a gracious hello to feminine, baby-doll like clothing and giving a well-deserved goodbye to Balenciaga crocs.

This new trend is killing the game and taking over streets of every town. The look is all about light colorsbaby blue and light pinkpaired with more bold colorsdeep red or moss greento create a dynamic look. While being bold in color, this fashion is triggered with a more subtle approach. The overall fashion is well known for its style and material. The style could be described as flouncy and flirty, imitating the look of a “French girl.” It originates from the French culture where the peasant top began.

The peasant top was originally what European peasants would wear. It is characterized by the square low neckline with puff sleeves. The peasant top can be paired with denim or a long, flowing skirtand a small purse to complete the look.

Besides the peasant tops, flowing dresses, long skirts and genteel blouses are in and are taking over store racks. There are two styles of dresses that can fall under this “French girl” theme: the short, cute baby-doll style or a long, elegant approach. The dresses, skirts and blouses are usually made out of thin, delicate materials such as linens. The print can be made up of dainty flowers or a variety of patterns, again aiming for a subtle theme.

To pull off the “French girl” look, you would need to accessorize with a miniature sized purse. Currently, straw purses have been taking the limelight and adding a more charismatic look to this feminine look.

Another accessory to help perfect this appearance is a well-placed hair clip. Barrettes have seen their days, but are back and hopefully to stay. With a middle part, the hairs are tucked away ever so gently with the barrettes. Hairs pulled back from the face while still remaining down add sophistication to the youthful look.

Vogue also covers the “French Girl” look, showing how to intertwine this simple, yet graceful look with the standards of high fashion. Personally, I would like to see more of this style on the runway, and hopefully see it shift into a defining point of our era’s fashion.

This style is by far my favorite look of the moment. It’s the perfect mix of feminine gentility and a flirty flare. I would love nothing more than to say goodbye to furry slides paired with a VS PINK sweatshirt and black leggings.

More of this darling, elegant trend everywhere, please!


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