FIDM Debut 2014


Paris Shepherd

Credit: Kinsey Thomas/The Foothill Dragon Press

The jazz-themed fashion show kicked off with a dance number set to the tune of Fergie’s “All We Got” as anxious spectators awaited the start of the FIDM 2014 Debut. Debut is an annual fashion show where selected FIDM Seniors and graduates show their designs to an audience. The Roaring Twenties setting was the inspiration of this year’s fashion show. Eccentric costumes adorned with eye-catching head pieces stole the show.

The senior project known as the FIDM Debut showcases some of the most talented designers of the year’s graduating class. This year’s participants were David Lee, Matt Kim, Judith Larrea, Erica Corona, Carol Wong, Taylor Leigh, Jarret Levin, Blake Patterson, and Mohamed Salaheldin. Not everyone participates in the debut, so each of the seniors featured were hand-selected based on their exceptional works throughout the year.

Although fashion design was the main focus of the show, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising also prepares its students for careers in not only Fashion. Visual Arts, Interior Design, and Entertainment industries are some of the others and FIDM offers 22 creative majors that range from Product Developer to Film Production.

The social media marketing manager for The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Mani O’Brian talked about the secrecy of this event by sharing that she “Has no idea what’s happening this year. Even internally we always try to keep it very secretive so that when the fashions are debuted on the runway its a surprize and it has that thrill factor.”

After showing the Jazz Age costume designs the Chrysler Collection was shown. The senior students of FIDM had the opportunity to work with the car company Chrysler, they turned the 2014 line of Chrysler vehicles into modern gowns and ensembles. The designers were able to showcase their designs while also incorporating the Chrysler logo to each ensemble. By using the Chrysler logo, wheel frames as well as the fabric of the cars the designers created an interesting look with their own interpretation of vehicles and fashion.

FIDM seniors like Blake Patterson engaged the audience with his bright collection that was inspired by the graceful movement of a jellyfish, which was what he had to say about his designs in a short bio during the show. Patterson was able to capture the fluidity in each of his garments.

The FIDM Fashion show showcases some of their most talented design students by debuting their work.

Kiley Becker, a junior at Foothill, attended the FIDM Debut 2013 and decided to return for this year’s debut. “I’m really excited about the Jazz theme this year because I like the flapper dresses, and I hope a lot of people have collections inspired by this,” Becker said.

Designer Carol Wong’s collection was inspired by a specific time period. She described her designs as “Medieval meets future,” and she incorporated this look by using fabrics with metallic hues. Her sequined floor-length skirt that was then paired with a cropped white poncho went along nicely with the jazz theme of the show.

Designer Mohamed Salaheldin ended the show with his Middle East-inspired line. He layered colors to create beautiful gowns. A purple high-low dress from his collection drew much praise from the audience. Salaheldin captivated the audience with his final design of his beautiful white wedding gown, with beautiful beaded bodice and full skirt it left a mark on all who attended Debut.

Nick Verreos, a former Project Runway contestant and now a mentor on the design show Under the Gun said, “The FIDM Debut 2014 show was amazing, fabulous. I loved the flapper dresses and all the designs were great. I also love when you see different kinds of designs; the children’s designs were great.”

The FIDM 2014 Debut was a complete success. With so many new talented designers showing what they have gotten out of FIDM and what they bring to the fashion world. According to Verreos, Debut helps inspire young students interested in fashion pursue this industry as a career. This is how Verreos started his fashion career, attending 1986’s Debut show. “It’s just inspiring for would be designers of the future to see that. It was inspiring for me.”- Nick Verreos. Who knows, maybe one of those audience members just might be inspired to be the new fashion icon.

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