Suitcase wardrobe: What to wear on vacation (11 photos)

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Suitcase wardrobe: What to wear on vacation (11 photos)

Paris Shepherd

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Credit: Maddy Schmitt & Ellie Morrison/The Foothill Dragon Press

Winter Break is fast approaching and destination vacations are more than desirable. Whether it be traveling to a foreign country or taking a day trip, style should be present. Packing for a vacation is one of the most difficult things to do. Choosing a week’s or even a couple day’s-worth of outfits in advance is overwhelming, but don’t become completely unglued just yet because in this article, packing issues are resolved. The trick to the perfect outfit is to highlight key pieces. By choosing pieces to highlight (ie. scarves, hats) it’s easier to plan the outfit around the day. Instead of having a “suitcase wardrobe” that is set in stone, leave room for flexibility by incorporating interchangeable articles of clothing. Above all, make sure these pieces make it into your suitcase.


Layers are one way to stay warm in harsh temperatures. Credit: Maddy Schmitt/The Foothill Dragon Press

Chill Factor:

If vacationing in a less than tropical environment, be prepared to face the cold. However, make sure not to get carried away with packing heavy coats. They take up a lot of space and weigh luggage down. One tip to save space while packing is by placing the well insulated coat at the very bottom and to put the remainder of clothing on top. This way it will definitely fit.

Layers are a necessity when enduring frigid temperatures, and sweaters are the perfect layering piece.  Always wear multiple layers and when you start to overheat, simply peel back a layer. Layers are one way to ensure survival in harsh temperatures.

Nothing adds pizazz to an outfit like a scarf. Whether it be one of bold color or print, they are the singular accessory that looks cute and keeps you warm. Not only are they functional, scarves are also easy to pack and wear with anything.



Another essential are hats. Hats are a quick fix to any hair malfunction. Not only do they save the day, but hats keep your head nice and toasty. Beanies are just one of the many cute styles of hats and are really easy to pack. Hats also add to the wintery feel that accompanies a lack of sunshine.


Sun dresses are perfect for tropical temperatures. Credit: Maddy Schmitt/The Foothill Dragon Press

Sublime Sunshine:

A sunny Christmas may be less traditional, but enjoying a sunny holiday works too. Spending December poolside, underneath a decorated palm tree is quite the contrast from frostbitten noses and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. If your winter break is going to be spent in a sunny paradise, be sure to include a pair of stylish shades.

Light weight fabric is perfect for warm weather. Fabrics like silk jersey that are wrinkle-free won’t become uncomfortable when the temperature rises. Pack multiple sun dresses because they’re perfect for tropical weather conditions and they also double as a bathing suit cover-up.

Skater skirts are all the rage and add a grunge feel to an outfit. This “rocker” vibe makes any ensemble look casual and relaxed- perfect for being on vacation. Not only are skater skirts an easy piece to pack, they are also awesome to pair with multitudes of tops. Try pairing a skater skirt with a muscle tee with an awesome graphic. Graphic tees are just one way to show off personal style and are super awesome when made by hand.



Remember to throw in a pair of strappy sandals. Faster to put on than sneakers, sandals are easy to remove and put back on, perfect for being poolside or at the beach. Not to mention that they are the ideal type of shoe to wear while going through airport security. Go with a pair of neutral sandals, like some vintage-looking leather straps, that are super stylish and comfy. Make sure they are good to walk in if sightseeing is on the schedule.

While packing for vacation, be sure to include various head wraps or bands. These packing friendly gems are perfect for any updo. By wearing a bold hair accessory, you’ll catch people’s attention, thus adding to the idea of a focal point. Plus, by adding this quick accessory, it adds polish to any look.

With a well-packed suitcase, vacation awaits. 

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