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The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

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The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

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Jumping into the second semester of full time distance learning has left some students with little determination or positive outlook left to finish the school year. Even with technology making communication as easy as breathing, the feeling of isolation lingers in empty zoom classes and dull emails. Yet life keeps moving and the courses continue to build, but it almost feels like being dragged through the school year instead of running toward summer.

Cartoon 83: “The isle of the isolated”

Chloe Scofield, Assignment Editor February 8, 2021

While there has been a push in recent years to include more disabled characters on both the big and small screens, their portrayals of stereotypes is calling for change in the film industry for these characters to be played by disabled actors.

OPINION: Disabled actors should play disabled characters

Sean Quinn, Writer February 8, 2021

Controversy has come to a head over singer Sia's directorial debut of the movie, “Music” after casting a neurotypical (not displaying any autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns) person...

The ripple effects of COVID-19 have definitely taken their toll on the school system since the beginning of quarantine, and while many of these challenges were attempted to be solved for when the new school year arrived, they still highlighted the cracks in the school system itself that are the real problem standing in the way for quality education for all.

OPINION: COVID-19 has shed light on changes needed within the school system

Sean Quinn, Writer January 29, 2021

Talking about the school system like many of the subjects in school is complicated. While education is almost universally seen as a necessity, there is a constant discussion about how it should be done. When...

Our time in quarantine has definitely tested our relationships with our siblings, and while some relationships may have grown stronger, others not so much.

Cartoon 81: “Sibling feuds”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrations Editor January 25, 2021

The new alternatives to dairy milk have received a rise not only in popularity, but also in price, as major coffeehouse companies are charging an extra 80 cents to customers who chose the substitutes of almond, cashew, coconut or oat milk in their coffee, which is a cost that can add up quickly.

OPINION: Got (alternative) milk?

Olivia Zoll, Writer January 25, 2021

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or you just enjoy the taste of a good almond milk latte, you’re being charged 80 cents extra for milk alternatives in your coffee at chains who frankly don’t...

While we all are grateful for the closing of 2020, the coronavirus and quarantine didn’t end on January 1st, so while that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be hopeful for the future, we should still continue to follow safety guidelines in order to see the end of COVID-19 on the horizon.

Cartoon 79: “The 2021 Dilemma”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrations Editor January 11, 2021

While in the beginning of December it can feel like you have the whole month to accomplish all of your gift shopping, the next thing you know, its already December 24th, and the panic begins to sink in.

Cartoon 78: “The holiday vortex”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrations Editor December 14, 2020

Between celebrities and common teens, the modern representation of untraditional appearances have been on the rise, foiling the social construct of gender. Credit: Vogue

OPINION: Blurring the lines of gender norms – femininity within masculinity

Laura Liang, Writer December 11, 2020

Pink is a girl’s color and blue is a boy’s color, or so we’ve been told. We’ve grown up our whole lives with gender roles attached to everyday knowledge, but what defines something as feminine...

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