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The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

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The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

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With the entertainment industry becoming more inclusive, finally queer people are being given opportunities owed to them centuries ago.

Journey to inclusivity: Dancing With the Stars first same-sex dance group

Frances English, Writer October 30, 2021

Welcome to the entertainment industry, a form of amusement that spreads through people like wildfire and dictates our society's daily standards. Although the industry still has its issues, slowly but surely,...

Both reading as a hobby and reading for school assignments can lift students to higher literary levels.

One for The Books: How Language Classes Affect Reading Appreciation

Lily Toreja, Writer October 29, 2021

I remember the enthusiasm associated with summer afternoon trips to the library, canvas bag and shiny library card in hand. The times I spent wandering through the colorful aisles of books and stories,...

Writer Olivia Zoll brings advice on how high school hallway experiences can improve for students spending each day walking past their concrete walls.

WikiHow: To walk in Foothill hallways

Olivia Zoll, Copy Editor October 26, 2021

With school back in session, students are transported back into a very unfamiliar environment. Upperclassmen inhabited Foothill for less than two years, where lower classmen have experienced a few months...

The recent spotlight on the crimes of R. Kelly illustrate a dangerous trend of celebrities with power being able to avoid the consequences of their wrongdoings.

OPINION: Is status diluting truth?

Emilie Huovinen, Writer October 21, 2021

In an era where we praise the famous—where we have allowed them to do and get anything that they want—we often lose track of their humanity. Although we deem them with the gracious title of influencers,...

Amidst the fun and excitement that can come along with the Halloween season, people can still take advantage of the holiday and potentially commit blackface and other forms of cultural appropriation by simply saying that its a part of their costume.

OPINION: Don’t ruin Halloween with offensive costumes

Tessa Shinden, Writer October 20, 2021

The crisp fall air and assorted candy tell us one thing—Halloween is approaching. That time of year when we can go around neighborhoods to ask for free treats and dress up as whoever we want. All is...

Misrepresentation of teenage girls in media and entertainment cause the young female viewers of that media to generate unachievable standards for themselves in regards to intelligence, beauty and self-confidence.

The importance of teenage female empowerment

Tessa Shinden, Writer October 17, 2021

The pressure of school, social media, beauty standards and finding oneself are some, but not all of the cards that teenage girls are dealt. Conundrums such as “be smart, but not smarter than your male...

Issues that arise from the current sophomore reading list such as predominantly white male protagonists, and the portrayal of women and people of color in inferior roles calls for a growing need to make changes to the novels put on the list in order to allow for voices from all groups to be represented and heard by students.

Opinion: High school reading lists need to change

Claire Hadley and Olivia Mowad October 13, 2021

When Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) sophomore students opened their computers and clicked on what the book list was for the 2021-22 school year, disappointment was in the air. A list almost...

The SNL logo, reflecting the night life of New York City.

Opinion: Has Saturday Night Live cancelled itself?

Linda Manzo, Writer October 7, 2021

Over the course of its 47 season reign, Saturday Night Live “SNL” has molded standup and sketch comedy into what it is today. The show is an opportunity for every up and coming comedian to get their...

In this day and age, people of all identities, are still fighting for the rights to exist freely in their own bodies. This struggle has existed for eternities, yet the people in power still hold control.

Opinion: Bodily autonomy and the effects of the abortion law in Texas

Carmen Quinn and Olivia Mowad October 7, 2021

Bodily autonomy is something that, in theory, is something everyone should have. It is essentially the idea that everyone should have the right to determine what happens to their bodies without being persecuted.  However,...

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