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Ventura Unified’s revolving door of superintendents harms students

Superintendents in the Ventura Unified School District seem to walk through a revolving door, serving shorter and shorter terms as time goes on. Credit: Abby Sourwine / The Foothill Dragon Press

Abby Sourwine

November 30, 2018

In the last four years, the Ventura Unified School District (Ventura Unified) has had three superintendents: two full-time and one interim. David Creswell is the only one I’ve ever even seen in person. I first met Creswell last year. He spoke at a Ventura Unified meeting shortly after the Thomas Fire erupted and ravaged our town. Though he was rel...

Foothill Bad Faith Podcast Episode 2: the protester vs. the patriot

Foothill Bad Faith Podcast Episode 2: the protester vs. the patriot

Sam Bova

November 28, 2018

  In this episode, we give the people what they want: Colin McClain '20 and Hannah Yale '20 debate the issue of gun control. ...

Cartoon of the Week 34

Cartoonist Blythe Blakeman used to love the Santa Ana winds, but nowadays tends to associate it more with destruction that the Thomas Fire wreaked on Ventura County last year, as well as the current Californian Woolsy and Camp fires. Credit: Blythe Blakeman / The Foothill Dragon Press

Blythe Blakeman

November 10, 2018


Gentrification, Dole Whip, the American “melting pot”

Credit: Hana Vrablik / The Foothill Dragon Press

Hana Vrablik

November 7, 2018

Dan Fitz-Patrick is the first history teacher who has ever dared me to question America’s melting pot metaphor. During his lesson on the Gilded Age and immigration, Fitz-Patrick asked our class to decide if America is a melting pot of cultures, or a salad, a tossing together of cultures. He also aske...

Midterm opinion: We are each personally responsible for America’s gun problem

Credit: Sam Bova / The Foothill Dragon Press

Sam Bova

November 3, 2018

Individually, your perception of humanity, your perception of gun violence and your perception of government contributes to the culture in America. As of late, our culture is one of derision. It’s a flaw of the collective soul of America: we’ve distanced ourselves from one another, distanced...

Midterm opinion: Dems over the edge?

Credit: Alex Dodos / The Foothill Dragon Press

Alex Dodos

November 3, 2018

As the gales of election season come slashing, democratic-socialist politics face a major test. Once thought to be dead in America, the movement received promising signs of life with the campaign of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primary. Political organizations like the Democratic Socialists...

An optimist’s view on the resurrection of rock music

Credit: Lillian Li / The Foothill Dragon Press

Alex Dodos

October 31, 2018

One fact lies dormant in the evolution of music: popular sound has gotten objectively louder, more homogenous and more repetitive than in decades past. This comes from the fastidious work of scholars at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish National Research Council in Barcel...

Foothill Bad Faith Podcast pilot: Mark Judge, Texas Senate Race

Piktochart credit: Alex Dodos / The Foothill Dragon Press

Alex Dodos

October 7, 2018

  Pause the SoundCloud and check out these clips for context: Link to video at timestamp 7:11: In Beto O'Rourke's own words #TXSenateDebate — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) September 21, 2018   Link to video at timestamp 11:22: ...

Cartoon of the Week 31

Cartoonist Blythe Blakeman

Blythe Blakeman

September 24, 2018


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