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Opinion: Free periods make the perfect balance

Lily Toreja
Free periods at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) can offer students more time to rest, study and socialize.
A snapshot of preferred free period activities from a survey of eleven upperclassmen. (Lily Toreja)

Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) allows students to economize weekly schedules by opting for a free period instead of a class, which permits them to have more flexibility and time to prioritize rest and busy course loads. Many students are encouraged to take advantage of the dual enrollment programs at the Ventura County community colleges, as certain classes are interchangeable for those offered at Foothill Tech. Depending on how many classes students choose to take through these programs, they can check off their graduation and UC/CSU eligibility requirements faster. 

Rest, productivity and socializing

Ideally, all students should be able to attend school with the same eight to ten hours of healthy, uninterrupted sleep every day. However, between sports practices, away games, important projects, exams and extracurricular commitments, general lack of sleep is very common among the student body. Especially while working on college applications, studying for upcoming SAT, ACT and AP exams, participating in sports, working a job or partaking in community service, sleep can start to feel optional while balancing a busy schedule. Thus, having a free period to catch up on rest is indeed a popular advantage. 

I sleep during the first period or get to school early and do homework either at Starbucks or on campus. It’s convenient to have no sixth because I can go straight to my grandma’s house and spend an hour or so with her, which otherwise I wouldn’t have time to do.

— Rhea Gill ‘25


While balancing schoolwork and spending time with loved ones can be challenging, some students have been able to coordinate their free periods to hang out and catch up. Schedule conflicts can be tough, and oftentimes students have to choose between studying or socializing. Having a free period gives students a little more freedom to make time to socialize and have fun while still keeping time for their studies.

A busy course load’s best friend is undoubtedly having an ideal environment to study and work in. Having a class with friends but feeling less productive and focused is an age-old dilemma, so having a change of scenery can be a better option for busier students.

While having a free period does require some extra considerations and time beforehand, there are certainly benefits especially for those with rigorous course loads. Foothill Tech’s block schedule provides an advantage for students seeking a fun and relaxing balance alongside their academic challenges.

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