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The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

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The video section of the Foothill Dragon Press reunite once again with friends to discuss all things sweet. From candy to cake, opinions are shared and debates are heated in this episode of video and friends.

Video and Friends Podcast: Dessert edition

A group of journalists self-proclaimed as “video and friends” consisting of Ella Nicolle, Emma Ippolito, Jenna Ostrom, Malia Sanchez and Cole Dinkler set out to answer the biggest questions looming...

Many devoted fans of Lana Del Rey, Steve Lacy, the Arctic Monkeys and others have been known to gatekeep songs from others whove discovered  them because of viral content on TikTok, rather than coming across their music in a more traditional word-of-mouth manner. These fans fear new listeners wont have a profound understanding of the art beyond internet sensation.

The art of gatekeeping: A deep dive into musical sanctity

Lily Toreja, Columnist January 4, 2023

Gatekeeping music: a defense mechanism for deeply personal connections from waves of unprecedented cult popularity. Online, it has its own snark and almost snobbish attitude—plenty of memes share the...

Students roam the quad of Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) to partake in a break between classes.

Not your mom’s house: Pick up your trash

Linda Manzo, Writer December 12, 2022

As the school year progresses, campus maintenance can become challenging. Clean rooms, cars and backpacks can become difficult to upkeep. However, keeping our school clean is not a habit that we should...

Social media is rapidly expanding and many influencers are wondering if they maybe have a calling beyond just their phone screen. As such, it’s not unusual to see someone internet famous topping the music charts.

Satire: Influencers should stay out of the music industry

Frances English, Writer December 3, 2022

Influencers breaking into the music industry is not a new phenomenon, but the negative impact they're leaving on the industry is. With a growing generation of talented musicians, the blatant takeover of...

In the middle of the night, your mind can unconsciously stumble away from you, trapping and holding onto any thought that accidentally materializes into existence.

Cartoon 105: Wanderer

Gigi Richardson Seifert, Illustrator November 12, 2022

The video section, a prominent group within The Foothill Dragon Press, joins together with some friends to discuss all things sports in the first episode of this new podcast series.

Video and Friends Podcast: Sports edition

A new group of journalists self-proclaimed as "video and friends" consisting of Ella Nicolle, Emma Ippolito, Jenna Ostrom, Malia Sanchez, Sofia Patiño and Cole Dinkler set out to answer the biggest questions...

Lacking in basic necessities, the Foothill Tech bathrooms are home to those avoiding classes and wanting to pull out their vape. The sickly smell of vapes is accented by graffiti on the stall walls that provides a great addition to the ambiance of the restrooms.

Satire: The horrors of a high school bathroom

Emilie Huovinen, Writer November 5, 2022

Each day at the conclusion of every class period at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech), students scatter out of their classrooms, each going their separate ways. However there appears to be...

Although Christmas creep and holiday music bring forth the holiday cheer early on in the year, these marketing strategies have proven to cause stress and panic for some people.

Opinion: “Christmas Creep” creeps its way to take a toll on one’s mental health

Isheeta Pal, Writer November 1, 2022

It is a week before Halloween and you burst into a retail store to do some last minute Halloween shopping. However, you see that the shelves designated to Halloween decorations do not have anything Halloween-themed...

Michael Myers returns for the 13th and final Halloween movie, hopefully signaling the rightful end of the 44-year-old franchise.

Satire: It’s time for Michael Myers movies to actually end

Claire Hadley, Writer October 30, 2022

A consistency regarding Oct. 31 is that people can regularly count on a new addition to the "Halloween" movie series. Its presence has dragged across October cinema since the late 1970s, leaving a trail...

The media as a whole impacts the perspectives of young teens in many different ways, including the romanticization of the work force. Take a closer look at this very topic with writer Amber Duhs in the article below.

Opinion: How the constant romanticization of the workforce in media affects teenagers

Amber Duhs, Writer October 23, 2022

Netflix, Peacock, Hulu and HBO Max are all popular streaming services with a surplus of shows and movies to pick from. But one thing all these services have in common, besides their constantly increasing...

Foothill Technology High School students Anna English 24, Miles Baker 23 and Katelyn Neasham 24 gazing at the showtimes at Century Theaters in downtown Ventura.

Opinion: Rated R movie theater rules need to change

Frances English, Writer October 6, 2022

A trip to the movie theater is generally considered to be an overall enjoyable experience. Stepping into the icy-cold air conditioning, the smell of buttery corn being popped and the thrill of getting...

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