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Photo by Gemma Stoll of The Foothill Dragon Press.

Vivacious Ms. Vega

Gemma Stoll September 28, 2010

Many things have changed this school year.  The faces, the class assignments, and even the staff. Foothill welcomes two new staff members: assistant principal Peggy Kroenerand counselor Juana Vega.Vega...

Participants in See You At the Pole join hands at Foothill to pray. Photo by Caitlin Trude of The Foothill Dragon Press.

See You at the Pole: Students living on prayer

Caitlin Trude September 28, 2010

It starts out at approximately 7 A.M. with four students and two boxes of doughnuts. The air is bitingly cold, and there is almost no one else in sight. The small group consists of Eileen Miramontez,...

Kyle visits the orphanage in Dirianba, Nicaragua.·Photos from Kyle Landsen, jug photos by Sharon Choi, The Foothill Dragon Press.

Kyle Lansden declares a Penny War

Sharon Choi March 2, 2010

[Editor's Note: The results are in! The total amount raised was $1881.76 for all the classes. In first place was Josh Dinkler's classes, whose point total was -3952, and total amount raised was $506.58....


New “Best Day” club seeks to help kids

Anaika Miller February 5, 2010

“It’s a chance for the kids to have a normal life, because they don’t have that very often,” said club president Jessica Lucas. She started the club to get high school kids involved and raise...


Meet someone new: Jong In Baek

Dragon Press Editorial Board November 19, 2009

Alison English: If you had no hands, would you be sad and why? Jong In Baek: Well I cannot use the computer, read a book, by keeping it open, or doodle. I like doodling. If you could create a new sport,...

Ryan and Wesley Harris finally return to Ventura.

Meet the sailing twins: Ryan and Wesley Harris

Dragon Press Editorial Board November 12, 2009

The Harris brothers, freshmen Ryan and Wesley Harris, set sail on their journey to various parts of the world after finishing fourth grade in 2005. After renting their house and then packing, the Harris...

Sibling Rivalries: the Giammichele brothers

Sibling Rivalries: the Giammichele brothers

Anaika Miller October 22, 2009

We’ve all been through a time when our sibling or siblings feel more like aliens invading our life than our closest family members. You may think that they’re annoying, weird or maybe even pretty cool,...

Alex Phelps: Foothill Artist Profile

Dragon Press Editorial Board October 15, 2009

  Foothill is teeming with artists and photographers and yet its National Art Honor Society president, Alex Phelps stands out for her creativity and talent.   Even though...

Ciana Iversen

Life without a cell phone. Possible?

Dragon Press Editorial Board September 30, 2009

As the digital age advances, many people, especially teenage students, forget how much of a necessity a cell phone has become for many. We look around us and see every one with them. Moreover, being...


Chumash Indians come to Santa Cruz Island

Maya Morales September 29, 2009

The families here are at peace with each other, making the entire scene feel like a big family reunion. In many ways, it is; the adults discuss their lives, and the children play games. However, this...

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