10 Tips for Local Spring Break Fun

Maddie Kirkegaard

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Just because you’re not going out of town for spring break doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your week off. Here are some ideas for local fun you can have around Ventura.

1. Take the Island Packer boat out to Santa Cruz Island for a day and enjoy hiking trails and kayaking. The water may be freezing, but if you’re tough enough, you can also go snorkeling in the kelp forest.

2. Take a picnic to Arroyo Verde park and go ice blocking down the grass hills.

3. Sell your old clothes at Buffalo Exchange and use the money to go thrifting downtown. You never know what hidden treasures you might find.

4. Go hiking. Two trees is a popular destination, but you could also check out the new botanical gardens trails that go up above city hall.

5. Go to Ben and Jerry’s and try to finish and entire Vermonster, a massive sundae with 20 scoops of ice cream, fudge and all the other toppings you could ever imagine.

6. Grab dinner downtown at the Thai restaurant Rice before going to Tina Fey’s new movie “Admission” at the Century 10 theater.

7. Finish the online drivers education course you’ve been putting off for the past six months.

8. Go tent camping overnight at Lake Casitas.

9. Rent paddle boats and cruise them around the harbor. Afterwards, stop at the arcade or coastal cone

10. Make a bunch of snacks like popcorn and brownies and just chill out all day catching up on all of the TV you didn’t have time to watch during school.

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