Will Hammer

Credit: Jackson Tovar/The Foothill Dragon Press

Glenda Marshall

Credit: Jackson Tovar/The Foothill Dragon Press
Credit: Jackson Tovar/The Foothill Dragon Press

Grade: Sophomore

Age: 16

Running For: Junior Class President

Why did you choose to run for a position in ASB?

Hammer: I chose to run for this position because I have been in ASB freshmen and sophomore year and I have always liked being in the cabinet. You get to be in charge of planning vital events and the administrators really trust you with a lot of responsibility. The sophomore class gets to plan Winter Formal and I loved doing that this past year. I feel like I represent the qualities of the core of the school and I want to make sure everyone is represented.

What previous leadership experience do you have?

Hammer: I was in the leadership class at Cabrillo Middle School and I was also the captain of my baseball team and the sort of unofficial co-captain of my rowing team. For Foothill ASB I was the Freshman class Vice President. Now they are all just representatives, but I was the Vice President, and I was also the Sophomore class Vice President.

Why do you want to be President?

Hammer: The junior class gets to plan Prom, and I know the cabinet plays a big part in that. I had a fantastic time planning Winter Formal last year and I would love to do something like that again. Mrs. Duffy actually really encouraged me to run for the position and everyone in ASB says that I show the qualities. I don’t always see them in myself, but other people say they do. I think it would be amazing to be president and everyone has encouraged me so I just went for it with my best intentions.

Why should people vote for you?

Hammer: I have had the experience of two previous years of ASB so I know how it works. I am not going to be a new person at it. I have the experience. So I know what needs to go into planning a successful dance and other successful events and I truly do care about this school. I know a lot of people say that but I do care about this school and I care about representing it and making it look good out in the community and I do things out in the community with lots of community service like the Best Day Foundation for example and representing Foothill. I always take part in the activities Foothill puts on and I really just want to see this school thrive.

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