French president wants less immigrants – 60 SECONDS ARTICLE

Otto Tielemans

While giving a speech on national television, France’s current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, stated that the country faces an immigration issue. Due to his term in office quickly coming to an end, he hopes to be re-elected so that he may cut the number of legal immigrants by half.

Of course, when thinking about the entire situation it seems that Sarkozy is milking the situation for his own gain. The politician is obviously emphasizing this particular situation so that he can win additional votes that will help him achieve a second term.

Also, I highly doubt that he will do anything at all in regard to this problem. Sarkozy has stated many times that his top priority is achieving peace in the Middle East, a priority that has nothing to do with immigration.  

If France wants to see a decline in its immigration, then the last thing it should do it re-elect its current president. The country of 66 million must elect a politician who will actually bring down the number of asylums and visas while at the same time deporting illegal aliens. 

What do you think?