Blagojevich betrayed our hope and trust

Otto Tielemans

Former Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich has been found guilty of 18 corruption charges, among them the attempt to sell President Obama’s old senatorial seat. On top of a 14-year prison term, a Federal Judge has ordered him to pay a $20,000 fine.

While leaving the Chicago courthouse, Blagojevich stated that “This was the time to be strong.” However, during yesterday’s sentencing, he begged for the mercy of the court and from the people of Illinois. In his overly dramatic plea, he apologized to his state, his family, and the judge.  

In all frankness, I never thought that this day would come. It seems to me that these cases almost never get resolved; especially when the first trial ends up with a deadlocked jury. But even with the complexities of this case it would have been a mockery of our justice system if the ex-governor was not found guilty.

He not only demanded a $50,000 “donation” from the head of a children’s hospital in return for increased state support, but he also extorted $100,000 in “donations” from two horse racing tracks and an executive in exchange for quick approval of legislation needed for construction. 

The sad part about this isn’t just the that his daughters of 15 and eight will be without a father for more than a decade, but the fact that he has brought disgrace to his state and country. 

By Otto Tielemans, Opinion Editor 

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