Ashish Patel: I hate midterms

Ashish Patel

Midterms already? I’ve only been here 3 weeks and I already have my first big exam. It’s for my Math 2B class (a fancy word for Calculus BC…or perhaps a more simplified word) Well today is Monday and my midterm is on Friday. I shall be writing down my thoughts as each day progresses.


Monday: I got this sample midterm from the internet. It looks pretty easy

Tuesday: There’s this one problem I’m having with finding volumes.

Wednesday: I did more studying on volumes. I think I have this covered.

Thursday: This midterm seems pretty easy, I seemed to have breezed through the sample.

Thursday night:


                                               Credit: Ashish Patel

Friday: I think I did alright on the exam. I felt prepared but there was this one question I think I got wrong. Maybe I got a B. Which is terrible in my eyes.  

What do you think?