Ashish Patel: Eat. Sleep. Study. Snack. Eat. Work. Eat.

Ashish Patel

Today I would like to tackle a topic that has been nagging at me for awhile now. I'm talking about the infamous “Freshman 15” and how easy it is to succumb to it. Though for a little guy like me, I probably need it…

The fact of the matter is, every college gives you a meal plan for your first year. With this meal plan you can get whatever you want, whenever you need it; I find it to be extremely enjoyable. Just this morning I had pancakes, cereal, and some hash-browns at 1 p.m.! Why I woke up for breakfast at 1 p.m. is for another day.

It is now Saturday, I find it weird that everyone goes home for the weekends. This is definitely a commuter school.

There are approximately 20 out of 55 total people usually here on the weekends. I think the dorms are more fun to be honest. 

What do you think?