Wrap-Up: Foothill tennis faces 5-13 defeat against Laguna Blanca School


Mallery Kinnun

The Foothill boys’ tennis team started off the week with an away game against Laguna Blanca School and lost 5-13.

All of Foothill’s doubles teams scored at least one point for the team. Seniors Grant Coe and Kristofer Hendrickson scored two points for Foothill by winning two out of their three sets in doubles play.

Even after the loss, Assistant Coach Anthony Unchangco can see the improvement in the boys.

“Every player has improved since the start of our season and as a coach that is what we want for these guys. We do a great job of encouraging each other throughout the match and in between points. I’d say that has been the biggest improvement over the course of the season,” he said.

Unchangco also said that this team has made a good impression within the Frontier League.

“As a new program we have been received well from other league schools and we are beginning to make a name for ourselves as competitors, as well as gentlemen of the game,” he said.

This was Foothill’s first loss after their streak of five wins, which has tied their overall record of five wins and five losses.

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