Jim Bern: Packing for college

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Jim Bern: Packing for college

Anaika Miller

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Credit: Jim Bern.

Packing is hard. It’s like you have to put your entire life into a box, and the box is always a little too small. It’s especially too small when you’re trying to fit all of your juggling clubs. I’m only bringing 12.

My family moved from one house in Ventura to another house in Ventura earlier this summer, so a lot of my stuff is still packed in boxes. I think this puts me ahead of the curve. 

When my brother packs, he has to worry about whether things go into his carry-on or not. My college is in Pasadena. Theoretically, my car could just be one large suitcase. My mom does not follow this logic.

September 15, 6:19 p.m. A Thursday. Can’t decide whether or not to bring the robotic monkey with the cymbals. It’ll definitely make an impression, but is it the right one?

September 15, 6:21 p.m. Still Thursday. Pretty sure it’s the right impression. Cymbal Monkey and I are going to be mad popular.

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