Fall DIY: Book pumpkin


Credit: Quinn Dinkler / The Foothill Dragon Press

Emma Yakel


Do you have a book that no longer sparks your interest? Do you need more fall decorations? Well, we have the solution to all your problems: the book pumpkin. This adorable decoration is exactly what you need to lift your festive spirits and get that old book off the shelve. Here is everything you need to do and everything you need to collect:

  1. Gather your materials. These include an old paperback book, a paint-brush, water, orange paint, scissors or sharp knife, a stick, a marker, hot glue and raffia.
  2. Draw one-half of a pumpkin on the front cover of the book. Start from the spine and end on the spine.
  3. Cut the book on the drawn line. Segment the book into smaller sections in order to cut it efficiently.
  4. Pour paint and water into a container. The ratio should be equal.
  5. Paint the rim of the pages.
  6. Hot glue the back and front cover of the book together and fan out the pages.
  7. Put a stick in the middle of the circle that the connected pages created.
  8. Tie a bow of raffia on the stick.
  9. Place on a table or a flat surface and enjoy your new decoration.
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