Recap: Girls’ Golf defeats Fillmore in first home game of the season, 210-274

Katie Denger

“I’m really excited. I think that we’re going to win league again. I mean, not to like jinx it but I hope we do,” Anna Pyron ‘19 said as the Foothill girls’ golf team’s first home game of the season came to a close. The Dragons defeated the Fillmore Flashes with a score of 210-274 on Tuesday night.

Kelly More ‘20 said the Flashes “improved this year but they did have some weaknesses.” Although the victory seemed less difficult than previous matches, it was important to start the season off with a win.

According to Hannah Hart ‘20, the team came out stronger than ever with “one of [their] best rounds of all.” She believes that the team was “very prepared” because they practiced a lot over the summer. Hart shot the lowest round of 37 and was clearly pleased with both her score and the training that she received before the beginning of league that lead to her success during the Tuesday night match.



Pyron also added that “[they] definitely have worked really hard over the summer.” She believes that the team’s preseason training is what helped them obtain yet another win, opening an opportunity to go undefeated in league for the second year in a row.

Since the team only lost three players from the previous season, Pyron feels that there is a solid group of experienced athletes this year. Although new seasons come with new difficulties, she believes that the current team is similar but “a little bit better” than last year’s team.  

Coach Janey Dunn and the players feel confident about the future of this season but as More stated, “you can always get better.” Dunn and More both mentioned that the team struggled with their short puts and can work towards improvement during practice.

Despite Dunn’s emphasis that putting was something that needed improvement, multiple players only talked positively about that particular aspect of their rounds. Hart even mentioned that she “had no three putts.” Dunn feels also mentioned that the team will “work a bit more on the mental game this year more than [they] did last year.”



Dunn was impressed with Hart who, as previously mentioned, shot a 37 and Sammy Fenton ‘20 who shot the second lowest round, a 40, despite having what Dunn described as “one bad hole.” Pyron scored a 47 and More shot a 48. With this strong start and signs that there is room for improvement, all are confident that this season will be successful.

The team had a very successful match that is believed to be the start of another league winning season. Pyron hopes that the team’s success will be recognized this season because she is still “kind of salty” that last season’s wins went seemingly unnoticed.

“We were like undefeated last year and no one knew,” Pyron said. “[I’m still] kinda salty about it.”  

The team will compete in a second home game at the BuenaVentura Golf Course on Thursday, Aug 31 against St. Bonaventure.  

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