Wrap-Up: Boys basketball defeated by Hueneme High School 16-64


Credit: Josh Ren/The Foothill Dragon Press

Aniah McKenzie

Foothill’s varsity boys basketball team played Hueneme High School on Monday and lost by 48 points with a final score of 16-64.

Coach Dean Prophet believes that the team needs to work on protecting the basket when on defense and looking for good times to take shots.

“We need to improve on better shot selection and on our overall team defense. When we passed the ball, and made the extra pass on offense, we had open shots,” said Prophet.

Prophet still thinks that the overall experience was important for the coaches to see how the players performed in an actual game situation, rather than just practice.

“It was a good opportunity for our coaches to see how we performed against another varsity level team,” said Prophet.

The leading scorers throughout the game were senior Nick Vaughan, scoring four points, and sophomore Dale Starr, making nine rebounds, which is regaining the ball after a missed shot.

The team’s overall record has been zero wins and two losses, with league games yet to be played

The team’s first league home game is Wednesday, Jan. 7 against Villanova Preparatory High School at Cabrillo Middle School.

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