Hillcrest Christian High School defeats girls’ varsity volleyball


Credit: Josh Ren/The Foothill Dragon Press

Aniah McKenzie

Today the girls’ varsity volleyball played on home court against Hillcrest Christian High School. The team lost 3-1 and played four sets, with scores of 33-31, 23-25, 20-25, and 22-25.

Tarleton felt that they could have done better “performing the fundamentals correctly,” but does feel the team is starting to take to the skills they are learning in practice.

“Some of the younger players are beginning to show signs of cooperating with the training we are offering,” said Tarleton.

Although the team is making progress, Tarleton wishes for their energy and attitudes to show more during games.

“We are still struggling with playing consistently for entire sets and matches,” said Tarleton.

Tarleton feels the team has been persevering well, although they have suffered many losses.

“They are young but they are not giving up. They just need to stay the course and keep trying,” said Tarleton.

The team has had two wins and seven losses in the Frontier league, and three wins and eight losses overall.

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